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AOW / Rescue / DM 


Divers Registration Form

First Name (名)
Last Name (姓)
Nickname (英文名)
Date of Birth (出生日期) DD/MM/YY
Address (地址)
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Phone Number (電話號碼)
Upload Photo (上載圖片)upload
cloud_uploadUpload Profile Picture (上載個人頭像)
Certified Diver (有資格潛水員)
Certificate Lv. (潛水員等級)
Certification agencies (認證機構)
Certificate No. (潛水證號碼)
No. of dives (潛水次數)
Last dive (上次潛水)
--- Course Information (課程資料) ---
Register Date (報名日期)
Course schedule - Day 1 (第一日上堂日子)
Course schedule - Day 2 (第二日上堂日子)
Equipment (個人裝備)
Equipment (已有的裝備)
Height (身高)
Weight (體重)
--- Payment (付款) ---
Other - Course Fee (課程費用)
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Other - Payment Methods (付款方法)more details
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How did you hear about us? (從何得知我們 ?)
Other - How to know US ?! (從何得知我們 ?!)
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Friend (If any) 同行朋友 (如有) :more details
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Remark (備註) :more details
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